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Students Enjoy Engaging Learning Activities

In the self-contained classroom Skyla and Simone experimented with color by making a magic milk rainbow during their Science lesson. Thank you to Mrs. Hyatt for sharing the picture and conducting the lesson.
At the end of their lesson on the Scientific Revolution, students in ninth grade World History tested their knowledge by playing Tic-Tac-Scientific Revolution. The competition pits students against each other to answer questions about the steps in the Scientific Method, comparing the geocentric and heliocentric theories, and identifying various scientists and their theories such as Copernicus, Galileo, and Issac Newton. The game is played tournament style with winners playing winners, which results in a lively competition.
Students in twelfth grade government re-enacted the landmark Supreme Court case, Marbury v Madison,decided in 1803.  Although they had read about the case in their textbook, it is a somewhat complicated case and the re-enactment helps the students understand how it unfolded and the implications of the court's decision. In deciding Marbury v Madison,  the Supreme Court gave themselves the power to declare a law written by Congress unconstitutional, making the judicial branch a co-equal branch and further cementing the system of checks and balances embedded in our constitution. Through the re-enactment students also recognized that presidents will appoint justices who share similar political ideologies, how the number of justices who serve on the court can be changed by Congress, and how the Supreme Court is charged with interpreting the Constitution. It is a joy to see our students have so much fun learning.